disappearing research

i have had over the last week to 2 weeks research disappear. 3 times now i’ve been close to completing research on the photon emitter up to mk 4 lvl only to have my research suddenly lose vouchers from. the first time i lost around 110 000 vouchers worth, i though well this happens when they bring in new things so i will grin and bare with it this time. so i went and completed a contract that earned me 87 000 loyalty watched it get added to my research and went to bed. next day i logged in to find that most of my research from the contract was gone again. slightly more upset now i decided once again to bare with and started on the next contract (destroy or aid in the destruction on 200 ships whilst using r13 or higher ships). so i start doing pvps watch my research slowly climb up to less than 10 000 loyalty from completion only to have 40 000 loyalty mysteriously disappear yet again. in this time i have not changed my research goal nor have i unequipped the photon emitter from my sybil (as i was warned by one of my corp members what happens if you do) so i’m starting to get pretty frustrated at this seemingly bottomless hole of research. other than that i like this new system but i think it needs better explaining for example i was able to pay credits to upgrade a rank 15 module (auxilary engine) upto mk 2 whilst th identicle r15  auxilary engine right beside has to be researched to go up to mk 2.

Hello there ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) Can you describe your problem one more time using this guideline? And include logs, please, it’s very important.