Disappearing achievements with safe logout

Last week I made a secure log out of the open space game after logging in. They have lost my already done achievements I was in ratings in 1 20 now I’m 48 and I have to do initial job open space
Here is a link right after the bug https://zapodaj.net/78b4811c512a4.jpg.html
And today https://zapodaj.net/e2da9645ad4bd.jpg.html
And here the link that denies 1


in 1 is with jumgates start in this i have finished cartographer

date, logs needed


On ‎2017‎-‎04‎-‎12 at 0:23 PM, Skula1975 said:

date, logs needed


Next time wait 2 weeks for logs since you know in 7 days you disappear you have screns that themselves tick my bug 1 problem and 1 reply as you dont post a post

You just have to look at 1 and 3 screens to see that there is a bug ever bugged with this game the next time you make a log ask if you will or do I have to do qesty again


Are there game logs for this date?

Last time I have a log of the time I have a lot of questions lately I have a lot of work as you will have some time to answer me or if I give you a log of doing qesta with no gold or if there is a chance to recognize the bug I wrote I ask now Because you were already my topic on this bug and someone wrote it with similar, but after 10 days it was gone so I just got screenshots or how could you tell me how I could regain the old state of course if you can write by the translator so if something is written please do not pm