Disable Radar Station

Okay finally I’m ready to present a brand new mission idea for Open Space! Hopefully you enjoy the overview and the devs too.


Flavor text:

Mercenary! We have an important task for you. Our armada can’t attack certain facilities of the cartels as they know that we come long time before we come_._

This is because they have a long range radar station in [Insert Sector Name here]! Disable the system of the radar station to make them blind to our fleet movements so we can launch an attack on their facilities. Be aware of their detection drones near the station.


Mission overview:

Destroy the radar station’s system.

The radar station has detector drones around it making it impossible without detection.

As soon they detect ships without their code or any missiles, an alarm will be triggered.

All cartel ships will intercept the aggressor or if none is within their or the station’s detection zone they swarm around the station and the station’s entrance barrier come on while the ones on station’s hangar slots go off.

After 2 mins of alarm without any detection of enemies, it will wear off.


The detector drones have 5km detection range - any radar masking/invisibilty don’t trigger their detection but damage do.

They are arranged in this manner:



ufTmRBc.pngOn the bottom right you see the detection drones as black(with white markers). They are in a cubic formation(you see it on the other three parts of the picture).


Their detection range look like this:



BzyR5s2.pngThe grid show which area they cover. The balls show a more plastic version of this detection volume.


For the devs:

Detector Drone coordinates:

Detector Drone 1: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z,

Detector Drone 2: 7071 x, 0 y, 0 z,

Detector Drone 3: 7071 x, 7071 y, 0 z,

Detector Drone 4: 7071 x, 7071 y, 7071 z,

Detector Drone 5: 0 x, 7071 y, 0 z,

Detector Drone 6: 0 x, 7071 y, 7071 z,

Detector Drone 7: 0 x, 0 y, 7071 z,

Detector Drone 8: 7071 x, 0 y, 7071 z,

As positions for the drones to create the grid you see above.

Within this area(around the middle of it) there should this be placed: The radar station.

And this is how it look:




wylf0hI.png The base model of the radar station. The dev can add some flavor to this model to make a nice looking building.

iLL31nt.png The look at the hangar slots(with ship in it of course!) of the station. For the case of an attack/alarm.

tHrzx3E.png The look deeper in it. The violett model is the object in this mission. It’s the radar system. Destroy this to disable the whole radar station+turning off any alarm if triggered. The cyan model is just flavor electric lead to the roof aerial.

r4Z6SC3.png The look at the entrance from right below. To show how the entrance is made.

VswwqjV.png The look at the entrance from below. You may see the small gap in height between the ceiling of the interior and the height of the entrance itself(a small place to hide from detection or enemies).

Now we come to the scenarios of the no alarm, alarm triggered and radar station(radar system) disabled:

jGOqgb5.png No alarm state but intact radar system.

1CuNK5j.png Hangar slots barriers in no alarm state.

PkCJqhv.png Station in alarm state with entrance barrier but no hangar slots barrier

wylf0hI.png No alarm state due destroyed radar system and so disabled radar station.

The blue models are the installed barriers that go on/off depending if the alarm is triggered or not or radar station is disabled.


models made with gmax



Hopefully you enjoyed this. If you have any question you can ask them.

More missions are always better ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

Yes, why not? Diversity in missions should be always welcomed.

On 04.07.2016 at 3:19 AM, Papitas said:

More missions are always better ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

We think the same ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

The question is if you can implement it this way Cinnamon?

I’m late to the game thread but something like this or even a Bomb Plant mission in Open Space could be neat.

I already suggested Delivery/bomb planting. :smiley:

I would even make chain-missions(multiple types of missions added together to create a new mission) but I wait for them to release the already made suggestions before I suggest things, that couldn’t come because the requirements for it isn’t done.

Sad thing is: Only a few vote/say anything to these suggestions. :confused: