Disable Player Titles?

Hey forum. I’m really enjoying playing as a “healer” type of teammate, in various engineering ships (Multiphase Laser is amazing). I have my teammates’ names turned on so they always show. BUT there is a problem.


How to hide player’s Titles? The issue here is that I need to be able to read player’s names instantly, but half the players have long titles and makes it very hard to read player names as I spin around looking for who I need to heal. I like how War Thunder has this option and I have it turned off in that game.


If the option doesn’t exist, I wish it would be added…


There isn’t an option to disable titles but it sounds like most likely you’d want to enable health bars without mousing over players or memorise the display all information button (v by default) as often some players will just take so much damage in a short period of time they’ll just die outright from a single burst.

No idea how much it helps buuut… yeaah.