Disable 'Focus on Target' beeping



Does anyone know a way to disable focus on target beeping that players keep using? 


Disable the entire thing or just the sound as it is starting to drive me mad! 

An option to disable this would be very cool indeed.


though keep in mind that in several PvE scenarios the game itself will ping targets for you. 

Removing the sound of a “ping” would completely remove the purpose of it. The purpose of a ping is to attract attention to a target such as an enemy going to an objective or an ally in need of healing. I agree that it shouldn’t be so spammable but in high skill games more often than not those pings will determine whether or not you win.

Related to this, is there a way to disable the view of insignias you receive during the battle? That’s very annoying and sometimes can be a useless distraction from the fight. 

They can be displayed when the battle is over, of course, but i definitely wish i could disable them during the fight.


I appreciate the replies to this!


The auto pings i hear are fine but the problem is with player pings and they never ping once, they do it 3 times and then you have the auto pings too! It’s just to much and its constant too.


I like to hear my thrusters, guns and comms but my game experience is ruined by the ping that never ends!