Diminishing Returns?

I was just curious if there were any plans to introduce some type of diminishing returns to the game and if other people felt they might help. Right now a squad running 4 interceptors can effectively shut down multiple people if times right for over 10s. 10+ seconds without the combination of shooting, flying, or any mods being used is little ridiculous. I know there are mods and such to reduce CC but maybe if the same CC mod is used 2 or 3 times in a row on the same person the effect or duration could be reduced a little. Just a thought.

Agree completely. You should not be able to lock someone down for such a long period. Consider that weapon lock inhibitor lasts 10 seconds, stacking that isn’t as bad as stasis generators, but equally annoying.

This. is. totally. fucked. up.


I don’t get why stasis generator does the SAME as Ion beam and additionally makes you unable to move.


That’s two skills that totally xxxx you up.


Also one of them turns off your current skills and you have to wait a full recharge cycle to enable them again, which means i lose my command modules and can’t use them for about until I am dead.


Lets compare to fighter skills:

  • Engine Suppression (T3 Mk3): Decrease speed by 21.9% for 14 seconds. Yeah right. 21.9% and they are still twice as fast as me. WTF? Not to mention  this skill is totally situational and does xxxx against Frigates wheres stasis is the one skill every interceptor has.

Are there any countermeasures to ion beam and/or stasis?

Yes, one. The wardens overdrive on fighters. But only IF its not on cooldown and you got the energy to pay for it. So we got ONE T3 fighter who has a counter to that (Prometheus fire).

But his cooldown is way longer than theirs, also the Prometheus Fire (being Empire) is one of the slowest of all fighters and stands no real chance against agile ceptors.


I know in T3-2 (rank 8) there are skills that allow you to be immune against several of stasis’ effects, but only if you trigger a Restoration skill before  being hit by stasis.


This forces me- and probably everyone else- to run a “Proton Wall System” and the Skill T1-2 of Jericho to at least reduce this ridiculous statis-spam-fest to a mere 60% efficiency.

Yes it is planned. And already working on some abilities(stasis). May be we will see more in future. But who knows - game may change a lot during beta.