I’m trying to re-create some of these amazing vessels in space engineers, even went so far as finding ways to import models from games into SE as a hull to work on, only to find the one biggest problem is lack of information.
Everything the game tells you about the ships is, well, functional information, what does what and how much shield ect ect, what I need to know is how long all these ships are, in the model viewer everything is roughly the same size to some degree, but even then it’s too small to import to SE
The main lengths I need is the Archon, the Cerberus, the Phobos, and the Katana (perhaps the Axe too) as these are the ships me and my friends are rather fond of, and for now are the ones I would most like to recreate.
I’m sure the list of people who can answer this is short, be it someone who’s a real stickler for this information, or a member of the development team (the latter would be even better) but I’d be really happy if someone could shed some light on the situation, thank you.

Use the people in hangar as reference to size of the ship.

Guess I’ll have to, see if I can stack the person model along side the ship models and do the maths from that, just a shame they couldn’t have it all written down somewhere, most other spaceship games, and many films or series too, actually have the measurements and stuff “somewhere” on the internet, be it from the developers or fan’s who done the maths

Another way is to judge by the cockpit how long or wide the ship is.