Diffusion shield

When i activate my diffusion shield on my command ship, which resistance applies? 

The Diffusion shield does not use any resistances.

The Diffusion shield does not use any resistances.


No wonder they deplete so fast. Thanks

No wonder they deplete so fast. Thanks


To make it better, you need to fit things that improve your capacitor, such as things that increases it’s capacity and energy regeneration. That way it will soak more dammage than the standard one. The more advanced the ship, the more capacitor slots it would have (theoretically (dont know if i wrote it right)).

When you arrive to tier 3 and unlock compact shield generators, suddenly the diffusion is your main tank.

Both my prom x and the katana have more than 1500 capacitor energy, and I have found people with more than 2000. At 8 damage per point that is a lot of damage before accounting for energy regen.

Note that Jeri R7 implant and the Energy Recuperation Systems do not work under diffusion shield. Use those only if you want your energy back after your energy shield is being shot down.

There are also the hull and normal shield tanking variants with 3 slots for each where you can create a decent setup as well.

Another thing to remember is that you might want to shut down your auras for Diffusion shield duration to boost your energy regen, but that is situational call.

Since Diffusion shield has no resistances:

a) Target Painter will not have any effect on it (no dmg will get amplified)

b) Ion Emitters mechanics (1.3 heat resistances bypass) will not work vs Diffusion shield - there is nothing to bypass :slight_smile:

c) If you fly Commands a lot it might be profitable to change your r8 implant to Jericho (Energy Drain Immune) because ECMs screw your bubble in no times

d) Federation R7 implant still more efficient than an Empire R7 because dodging dmg with AB makes you more tankier than a mere 30% in Capacitor slot that will deplete much faster due to AB consumption.

The prometheus x can hull tank almost as well as a prometheus with a reinforced hull extra and with less synergy. Or at least mine can.

My Dragonfly (T3 DLC Command), has around 1447 capacitor, and a recharge rate of 157/s, each point of capacitor is equivalent of 8 points of damage, so imagine it as a shields that lasts for 15s with 0 resistance, but able to take 11576 damage and 1256 recharge, of course other modules will be using the capacitor as well, often becomes a hard decision between use the afterburner to help escape, or be slower and tank it.

Remember also that diffusion shield have some damage bleedthrough. Disintegrator shoot makes your shield off and cause around 300 dmg, while fully charged ion around 80-100. Probably mechanic to deny beacon cap under shield.

Don’t forget about parasitic.