Did blackwood shipyard get buffed?

I was doing the shipyard scenerio yesterday and the enemies could barely scratch my tech 2 Machete S while i cut them apart about as fast as i could aim. Took about 8 minutes for a run. Today I was doing it with other Tech 1-2 ship players and there were alot more higher rank enemies and according to the death messages the boss had a tech 5 weapon that shredded through shields in seconds. Like a disintigrator that fired rapidly. We had decent players but the boss still had half armor when we finally all died at 26:33.  The difficulty suddenly went from could sleep walk through it to everyone hiding behind walls most of the fight.

I noticed the same thing my Phobos Aura would shred all but the commander and final boss in seconds and even then those two wouldnt last long with overdrive. Now i hear “warning” and a few seconds later my shields are gone and hes melting my hull with his lasers (with 131 therm resist). So im not sure what happened but its painful to do a scenario now.

They added more elites on part 1, part 2 is so easy just rush the 3 targets, part 3 feels about the same.



The boss is easy you break line of sight with him when he does his pulse bomb, then again I’m always repairing my group.