Did anyone just see that?

This guy called jonathontrot just made a topic in off topic.

The title was about a weight loss supplement.

The body was about this medieval shiznit with churches and gates of hell.

Was about to post this:


I think we have met the greatest llama in the Internet."

Then the screen said: “you are not allowed to comment on this thread/topic.”

I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong so I reloaded site.

“you are not allowed to view this thread/topic.”

So I guess a mod removed it.

Too bad I didn’t click the link…

Creepy stuff man… Creepy stuff…

It’s a forum bot. They’re everywhere, and they’re common. The spam a wall of text with various links. They’re from foreing countries since they seem to use google translate. The English on those wall of texts is really broken.


And yes, MrT must have deleted the post.

It was mrtwiddlez!

I looked up jonathontrot on search for members. Last person to go to his account thingy besides me was mrtwiddlez.

Sleuth is I.

You can’t handle dis shiznit.

Issue has already been closed. If you have questions, please contact myself or another Mod/Admin.