Diamond shard

Did someone have seen this before ?

And why i don’t find them in my inventory afterwards ?

I find this in open space.



I see it every day, useful little chunk.

Ok thank you, but what we do with it ? And where that go ? This is not in my inventory anymore.

15 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

I see it every day, useful little chunk.


It is sold automatically for credits.

You get credits for it. It’s not a craft item :slight_smile: But good amount of credits compared to other loot

Ah ok thank you ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

It’s hard to tell, but “material” items for crafting have a different icon background thingy than “trophy” items that just sell automatically. I’m pretty sure that materials have a lighter color background than trophies.

One of the few items ‘worth’ being loot. Compared to the other 30k- junk…
What annoy me: Those listed ‘trophies’ in achievements are the same useless junk while being rare-very rare. They could be profitable but yeah…