Devs, you messed up

Devs, you have messed up. I keep talking to my t5 friends and i hear them saying, “I’m quitting the game. it sucks now. Bad teams” 


Aces quit the game too. Too much grind. I have considered quitting. probably in my hour and a half of que time where i got launched once. you have really messed up bad, and it’s time you started asking the players what you can do to fix the game. 


The only reason i have stayed is because i’m leader of a clan and i am trying to get it competitive. The point of all this is:


You need to bring out dreadnaughts. 


And you need to bring them out soon. Capitalize on them. If you think about it, what makes star conflict special? As soon as star citizen comes out, this game is dead. 


So bring out dreadnaughts. You have heard this from people other than me. BRING OUT DREADNAUGHTS. 

No Forward Fleet needs to be improved! We need more instagram and pet contests! We need, we need… a life.

The games become boring, the content is not exciting, the grind is too time consuming, rewards are far too low ( fleet forward, “valuable mineral” = 100 credits… etc etc )


I have all the Normal ships, and many of the premium ones, what is there left for me to do ? Except boring battles with crappy teams or crappy enemies, can’t squad as squading takes up to much wait time.


150+ days left on my license and I am BORED with this game, beyond belief !

There are already enough posts and threads about Deadnoughts.

They will be released when they are ready.