Developer blog from April 24th: Battle of Dreadnoughts, Guide

Do you know that this takes time to make? Even if they decided to add this due to the amount of people demanding it, it would take a lot of time to make it…

still better to say upfront if they are going to/are working on it, rather than just dodging the question.

Keep in mind that Each Dreadnought is highly customizable, same way we have our regular ships -the higher the tier the more modules are available to your choosing.

So either dreads are pre-build to some wired builds that you can not control or dread custom battles must be completely different UI/entities.

1st one doesn’t make much sense for “tactical” practices since you have no control over over9000 parameters and you are there only for the looks and 2d point would take huge resource investment, which is most likely going to be bottom of the bottom of priorities.