Developer Blog entry from July 25th. Expanding Invasion geography.


Today we would like to elaborate on the changes made in the latest patch.
Expanding the geography of ‘Invasion’
In update 0.11.4 we added another PvE-mission battleground in the border sectors known as ‘Captured Dreadnaught’.
The location is situated in Pride system, in Imperial sector 1938.
We learn about its history:

Since the area was the result of an Alien attack, there is no station protection, and rank of the ships that will have access to the area is quite high — 10th or higher.
But not only the Attacked Sectors are getting new battlegrounds!
More recently, in 0.11.5 ( we added a new PvP-map Abandoned Complex. It has a connection to the Invasion story and contains a reference to the previously encountered mysterious signal.
‘Ruins in the area have long been mapped as one of the monuments of a dead civilization. Researchers have not been able to understand why they were created in the first place. The structure itself is a complex built by an unknown race, surrounded by a cloud of dust and machinery debris… Nevertheless, research probes recently recorded a massive burst of energy coming from the center of the station.
First, researchers saw an unusual picture: the ancient mechanism began to work again — plasma pillars started erupting from the reactor, and the internal mechanisms are now gradually waking up from their long slumber. All sides of conflict immediately began to pull their forces to this sector to get the reactor. Perhaps this structure is the key to gaining the upper hand.
In the commotion nobody noticed a faint signal coming from the border of the system. Soon the signal was gone…’

This is not the end of the planned map expansion and we are not resting on our laurels. Mass territorial expansion will continue with subsequent updates.
Other improvements 
The contracts system has also been changed. Now players can track their bar across all faction contracts simultaneously.
The number of completed contracts, as well as the amount loyalty payouts, increased dramatically. In order to maintain balance and not let the daily tasks get lost in the general list of completed contracts, their execution time has been increased.
But this is not the only thing that sped up credits accumulation. Pilots now receive rewards for each researched rank of combat machinery
Also, work continues on the mentoring system, which you can appreciate in the next updates.
Stay tuned!

The new map looks absolutely awesome!!


Just a pity that it’ll be the death of my frame rate.



Just a pity that it’ll be the death of my frame rate.

You are not the only one.


On this map, my Graphic Card seems to have unknow difficulties. Dropping from 80-100 FPS to 30-40 FPS.

You should try to play without the “Lens Flare” on this map

mentor system… sounds like a waste of time to me… but we’ll see