Developer Blog. Entry 96: Scylla


Pilots! We continue to share the latest changes that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Among them are new modes, maps, unique events and of course, new ships!


Today we will tell you about the new ship — the Empire engineer Scylla!


During the survey of one of the abandoned Legion bases after the invasion, the New Empire discovered several prototypes of the newest engineering frigate, which never came into operation.
All the blueprints were confiscated, and the ships were transferred to the laboratory.


After a year of work, Scylla was ready. The first tests showed complete superiority over the other engineering frigates of the Empire, and the ship joined elite units of the fleet. Until now, the New Empire has used Scylla to support sabotage in Ironside sectors, where rapid and high-quality repair of allies was often required. One of the best examples of Scylla’s power is the attack on the Guardian-11 station. During the first wave of the assault, the ships of the strike group were badly damaged, but several engineers were able to restore their hulls, returning to battle and further supporting the offence of the allied Apollo.


Now, however, the New Empire is ready to hand over the blueprints to UMC so that all mercenaries can experience the power of imperial technology. The latest special module of the ship allows you to adapt to changing combat conditions, and active modules can repair anything in the shortest possible time. Currently, even the Inquisition has ordered a large batch of frigates, although it is unclear whether the New Empire will share developments with potential allies or enemies.


The modern Scylla special module is an improved version of the famous “Energy Router” from destroyers and allows you to effectively support allied ships in defence, increasing their survival and range.


The ship’s electromagnetic weapon allows you to restore shield strength, as well as the energy of allies when hit.


Also, the new engineer has an active module that allows you to place a station that restores the strength of the shield and hull to allies. And the unique modifier increases the efficiency of restoring the strength of shields and hull.


The wait is almost over! Stay tuned, and see you in space!

Still no advanced battlestation…


She looks even better than Brokk

plz don’t make me wait another month to get her ;n;

I swear if this station mod requires me to stay close in not getting the ship


please not another moon race