Developer Blog. Entry 100: Raven


Pilots! We continue to share the latest changes that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Among them are new modes, maps, unique events and of course, new ships!


Today we will tell you about the new ship - the Federation guard frigate Raven!


Despite problems with the Hammerhead project, the leadership of the Outpost shipyard decided to continue cooperation with Armada. The army needed a universal frigate and engineers began work. After several months of work, the Raven guard frigate was ready.

In addition to the main model of the ship, the Outpost shipyard has also established the production of a cargo version of the frigate.


Speed combined with excellent combat power allow Raven to go on the offensive together with advanced fighter squads and also quickly escape the battlefield. And thanks to a unique special module, the crew is safe from an enemy attack when retreating.


Currently, the Outpost shipyard has sold the blueprints to UMC in order to make additional profits in case of problems with Armada. From now on, all mercenaries can assemble a Raven for personal use.


The modern special frigate module creates a powerful barrier covering the rear hemisphere of the ship, protecting the ship when retreating.


The ship’s weapon forms powerful and fast electromagnetic spheres.


Also, Raven has a special active module that produces a special charge. When it hits an enemy ship, the charge creates a link that attracts bound ships to each other.


The wait is almost over! Stay tuned, and see you in space!

I’ve been playing guards for a long time now, maybe not as long as Razka, but for almost 2 years now. One thing that really concerns me with raven is the Back Shield. If that shield is like a Turtle Shield, where it’s about 100-200 meters from the ship, it’s not going to pretext Raven at all. If anything it will make raven an easier target, as any gun that has splash, ie: Dagnith, coil mortars, Proxy Mortars, plasmatron, Repk2, Flux phaser, Guided Thermosphere, ect. Any missile, any mods with explosive radius, will hit the Raven even with then shield up. I quite hope the shield is placed at least 400 meters behind raven, or this Fed boy is going to be a dead boy :c

Yeeesssss!! Another Guard frigate!

16 hours ago, Deelena said:

to go on the offensive together with advanced fighter squads


is it going to be as manuverable? Please be as manuverable!

Could synergize well with the bum shield, forcing smaller interceptors into the front half, within the firing angles. If Raven is indeed manuverable, could result in more time on target.


Now the question is, how would the rear shield be? I guess we won’t know until some footage comes out

Hopefully it is not a zero-resistance health based shield. We all know from experience how fragile those can be (except Pilgrim, it has constant shield regen).

I’m guessing a invulnerable but penetrable shield, with either short duration + long cooldown, or some form of penalty (e.g. shield don’t regen, breaks on weapon fire, etc)

11 hours ago, Ephox4268 said:

as any gun that has splash

My guess is that the rear shield is intended to force the hand of interceptors, since covering the rear hemisphere would force inty that don’t have as much splash damage options to the front half.

… Then again, Tai’Kins. :v


Great concept. Good to see a more “traditional” Federation frigate design, rather than the streamlined Stingray series.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this boi :3

On 8/27/2020 at 3:05 PM, Deelena said:

Outpost shipyard has also established the production of a cargo version of the frigate.


Cargo version? Are you going to let these ships carry deliveries in Open Space? Or is this model better?



Maybe that’s a hint for the new game mode, running cargo, like ol’ Wing Commander? I hope it pays well.

On 8/28/2020 at 12:29 PM, Schwarzschild said:

Can’t wait to get my hands on this boi :3


Welp. It came out sooner than I expected

Seeing as I haven’t played in almost a year, my pve token and seed chips are next to non-existent.

 I guess I might as well just stay away


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It is now  OCTOBER 17.  What the f**k is happening.