Detonation last second bomb planting

Today I went into a detonation match. I encountered one of my corpmates on the other team, so we had some fun killing each other. But then something pretty funny (and also broken) happened. Our team was in the lead because we destroyed one of the enemy stations, but we were down for kills. At the last second (literally, there were 5 seconds left), my corpmate starts planting the bomb, and successfully does that. But, the detonation occurred after the game ended, so our team won. 


I know this might happen once in a blue moon, but my suggestion is to give the point to the team as soon as you plant the bomb, and not when the detonation occurs. 

It has been like that forever, and I find it okay. If you don’t manage to plant early enough then you lose, simple as that.

I think teams get credit when they plant the bomb before timer runs out. The actual detonation is just a delay and a visual explosion.

We have no plans for such changing. Pilots need to plan their actions further, and count on bomb timer. That’s what this is all about.