Detailed alien ship information for "Beetle in the Anthill" Brawl

Hey everyone, with the new “Beetle in the Anthill” brawl i thought i’d give you a more detailed look on the stats / active modules on the alien ships, since not many people get to play as them and see exactly what they do.


Regarding special modules ( apparently holding alt and print screen didn’t work :confused: ) i’ll post copy paste what our lovely dev. [Deelena](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/261527-deelena/ “Go to Deelena’s profile”) posted [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/39326-new-brawl-%E2%80%9Cbeetle-in-the-anthill%E2%80%9D/) (there are a lot more information in the Deelena’s link so definitely check it out)

Biomorhp (Interceptor)Special module: twin alien warp portal

  • Creates 2 interconnected portals ahead of the ship


Crystallid (Fighter) Special module: Alien overdrive

  • Increases speed, rate of fire, energy regeneration, lateral speed and rotation. Also removes all control effects. The module’s operation cannot be blocked

basically an “Overdrive” on steroids, 50% increase to everything stated above


Predator (Frigate)Special module: Alien temporal anomaly

  • Slows the ship during the preparation phase. Then slows down all enemy ships

(Regarding this mod, you are slowed by 50% for 8 seconds and enemy ships by 75%, attack speed reduced my 75%, inhibits targeting, maneuverability reduced)


Hunter (destroyer) - Special module: Alien energy router

  • Redistributes energy flows in ship systems, allowing you to increase speed, damage resistance or increase damage from guns and modules

Speed & acceleration increased by 60% / damage resistance 40 points to hull and shields / 60% more damage to guns and modules 


All weapons deal EM damage Crystalid and Predator attack drones (missile slot) also deal EM damage (can only have 2 out, 20 charges). there is no kinetic whatsoever 


Small rant: What i want to add is the insanely high EHP these ships have. 10 min of 5 players focus firing my predator and they only got me to 50% hp on hull; or another match where we focused fire the alien interceptor ship for 4 minutes and got him to 75% hull… That’s insane :confused: you definitely need a spy drone or something to halt the regen; if not, you are 99.5% guaranteed to loose /shrug . I’m guessing resonating ammo is a thing if you are going try hard (i used a rank 11 fighter with ion emitter rank 13( 2107 thermal damage) + crew 11-1 + overdrive  +aiming overcharge and my max crit was 2.5k (had only 50% crit damage bonus though))


Hope this helps; good luck

edit: formating and accurate info for the “Hunter” and “Predator” special module