Destroyers: Gravitational Lens + Halo Launcher triggers Criminal status, even on Station Protected targets

Bug report: Open Space, issues with Criminal Status and Station Protection



What happened?

If some station protected Destroyer activates the Gravi-Lens module and if you fire Halo Launcher at the anomaly, you will trigger Criminal Status on your own ship and remove Station Protection on the ship that actually deployed the Gravi-Lens module or black hole.


What should have happened?

Gravi-Lens and Halo Launcher projectile or “corona effect” from it, should not trigger the Criminal status and remove Station Protection on affected targets - both the shooter and the caster.


How to replicate this bug?

  • One ship must have Station Protection enabled (Destroyer) with Gravi Lens module and Halo Launcher

  • The other ship can have the same setup, but no Station Protection.

  • Destroyer casts the Gravi-Lens module

  • Other Destroyer fires at the anomaly. (Criminal status, blue targe becomes vulnerable - a bug)


Logs: (Only check Jericho sector - Ancient Ruins)

[2018.06.11](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17178)

and can tell this bug is a nice one for ppl who want to kill other is os…

Yes, Halo Launcher (maybe just corona effect from radiation?) is causing this bug when you fire at the cloud/mist - the area of effect of those active modules/weapons.

If you apply any specified module that has an area of effect or cloud dispersion:  you will trigger Criminal status, become vulnerable and you will be able to kill any protected target.

Active modules:

  • Reactor Overload, (Covert Ops)

  • RAD Atomizer, (Covert Ops)

  • Crystal Destabilization (Tai’Kin) ??? haven’t tested it



  • G’Thar’Du, etc. (Destroyer)