Destroyers: firing angles and persistent glow on dormant weapons

Bug report:



What happened?

The glowing visual effect coming from active firing weapons is also applied to dormant or inactive weapons.

The glowing effect of currently active weapons is not projected on the hull of a Destroyer for all active weapons, but inactive ones as well.

The Destroyer that’s firing weapons should have more precise firing angles. Some firing angles are actually not very precise, theoretically, you could inflict self-damage to your own Destroyer.


What should have happened?

The glowing visual effect should only be visible on active weapons that are currently firing.

The firing angles should be more precise on some weapons (based on your aiming reticle) so that it’s practically impossible to see your projectiles go through your own Destroyer.


All the information required are in this video below. Tested on Sirius, Rank 14 Federation Destroyer, equipped with the Meson Cannon.

This issue can be replicated on all Destroyer weapons.



Video: (Observe this video.)