Destroyers Fail.



This was the number one thing I wanted to try with the new destoryers.  It didn’t work at all.

1st time I got in the game with a Destroyer i had a cruise tackler, and that was precisely what I did too :smiley:

I died

Try using an engi and warp-gate

Some people say that work sometimes

Wormhole into another destroyer?

Well at least I got 47 synergy for that -> 0:10

yes It work (with engie too) but only if the target are in low health^^

see the damage you recive when you hit him ? well he feel the same :slight_smile:

you’ll get the “battering ram” (I forget how to right it) medal :))

that’s less damage that a EM missile. (3057) I don t know if I m a fan of this mechanic or against it.  

that still fun ^^

The maximum dmg you may achieve will be the total hull volume you currently have (cant remember what happened with J9).