Destroyers cannot interrupt warping procedure during warp!

Bug report:


What’s wrong?

Destroyer can warp travel at 500m/s. However, there are two issues. Standard ships will sometimes crash at you during warp gate travel from behind, due to 2000 m/s and 500m/s for destroyers.

The second biggest issue is that destroyers cannot interrupt their warp travel, if they want to. You’re forced to travel for an entire period with static warp-gate.

Same issue with the Engineering frigate “Warp-Gate”. You cannot cancel it, if you use it.


What should happen?

Destroyers should be able to interrupt or cancel their warp via standard warp travel or when using an Engineering’s frigate warp-gate.



Have you tried pressing Ctrl so you can strafe? Strafing is the way to interrupt a warp.

Warp is interrupted by pressing strafe, no bug.

1 hour ago, xKostyan said:

Warp is interrupted by pressing strafe, no bug.

Good to know. Mzhelskii was wrong, then.

Yeah you gotta swap controls over and strafe. No bugs.

Yes, this would make sense considering that most of the time I’m in normal mode, whatever the xxxx that is.

never warp after a dessy then lol frigates die most of this

%4-5 random angle on warp will solve problem i guess

Not a bug