Destroyers always on radar

Flavour text:

Attention Mercenaries! Paired with the extensive research of the Emporor’s ‘EP’ Team, scientists have been able to identify Neodium signatures from almost any distance with common radar technology! A simple software upgrade will let you see exactly where any Destroyer is on the battlefield, with some limitations, of course. They are still working on how to bypass cloaks without using Micro-Locator technology so that is far from reality.


I suggest that destroyers be able to be seen from any distance while not cloaked. (Via guard/implant/other)

Also, just for theatricals, howabout destroyers get their own warning and jump animations for battle. A warning would sound in battle saying “Destroyers detected in the enemy forces.” And when they spawn in, a sort of worm-hole appears and the destroyer flies out from it. This would give them the appearance of more important and danerous targets and make sure that using them instills a sense of both fear, and power.

YES! to visual effect and warning, not sure about visibility of destroyers in radar though.

Yes to visuals, dunno about radar. Radar could be a thing given that the new EM weapon can shoot from another galaxy, but not… permanent or fixed. Extend a new sensor range from ships strictly to detect destroyers eventually by 20-30% more or something.

I would like to see a different warning indication when a destroyer is locked on my ship. But of course I am not against of making the entrance of destroyers more dramatic.