Destroyer special module: Jericho energy router balance

I not understand why the jericho special module are not proportionate? is equal in all rank.


empire energy router is in per cent:

  • higher rank more damage;


federation energy router is in per cent:

  • higher speed more speed;


jericho energy router:

  • higher shield or higher speed not make more regeneration.


example on jericho destroyer:

  • rank 8 capacity shield 48.000 about, special module regeneration 400 pt/s;

  • rank 11 capacity shield 53.000 about, special module regeneration 400 pt/s;… and enemy rank 11 make more damage than rank 8;

  • rank 14 shield 68.000 about, regeneration 400 pt/s and enemy in max rank make more damage than rank 8. 


The module is almost useless when increase rank and not proportionate



The solution is make it in per cent (for example +15% regeneration shield)


increase it (for example rank 8 reg 400 pt/s - rank 11 reg 450, rank 14 reg 500)

Maybe it would be to strong, enabling insane regen builds… i mean there is a reason why it’s only 400 sheild per second added on top of your standard regen, which doesn’t stack with any regeneraion enhancements you could get.