Destroyer Special Module is still actively working, while disabled!

Bug report:


When your Special Module on a Destroyer gets destroyed, you can’t switch it.

However, it still applies current’s module bonus that is set to either Empire, Federation or Jericho setting.



Damage increase won’t be disrupted (Empire option) - Destroyer and damage Empire special module; no decrease in damage dealt with main weapons

Speed buff increase won’t be disrupted (Federation option) - Destroyer and Federation special module selected; no decrease in speed, if a module gets destroyed

Shield Recharge will not drop in shield regeneration points (Jericho option) - Destroyer and Jericho special module selected; no decrease in shield recharge points


How to fix this?

Any destroyed or unavailable Destroyer module should be completely non-functional, when inoperable.

This means that the standard Destroyer module should not longer apply any current bonus to any choice, that was still valid before the destruction of such special module.



Unable to provide at this time.

As been this way for ages. I don’t think it’s bad. 

3 minutes ago, Swifter43021 said:

As been this way for ages. I don’t think it’s bad. 

It’s a bug!

5 hours ago, Koromac said:

It’s a bug!

But it’s not a bad bug though