Destroyer-Sibyl GS Cost

I am thinking of buying the R11 Jericho destroyer-Sibyl, xKostyan said he heard is was around 50k GS. I want to know other’s prices.

please pretend I have no mats at all

whats the closest to aprox cost in GS for mats/mono of Sibyl.

I am looking to spend 100-200$

200$ gives me 85k


It was around 50k before enriched beryllium and neodium plates needed 10 ores per material. I know of 2 people that went that route after that patch - one spent around 53000 just to get neo and enriched berry, second one around 89000 and he was buying some contraband container packs as well, but he had some monos already. In worst case scenario, when you would be very unlucky and containers themselves would not drop neo/berry themselves (yes, that part is not guaranteed) the maximum you can spend is 43200 on beryllium containers and 27000 on neodium ones. 

I can understand buying neo/bery, but the other materials can be easily earned by dismantling upgrade kits. 

Right, I have no mats at all 0 of everything. So berly cost 43k alone? not to menton the rest of the mats

If you have 0 of everything, then I strongly advise not to do this. 

The numbers 43200 and 27000 are the worst case scenario - you will not spend more than that on beryllium and neodium. I found another person yesterday that bought beryllium, neodium and monocrystals due to sale, and he spent 87000 on all those three materials. Other common materials I would just get playing the PvE or PvP (or Coop) or flying to R7 sectors for osmium and graphite.

i spend 10€ to get it aprox 11,44$ so ^^… ofc i did some os as well