Destroyer Repair mechanic and cost

Hello people !


This post may catch your interest if you are the owner of one of those magnificient warships, or a futur player that drools on them.



Our mighty new beloved toys are in a rather odd situation regarding costs and mechanic:


  •  Losing your destroyer will cost you over 240K credits average.
  •  Losing your destroyer multiple times in the same game will cumulate the repair cost.




I ended up paying 1 million ! :01414:





  1. If this is intended, could Doomb0t or any of his co-worker explain us the purpose of this newly high priced repair costs ?
  2. Do you agree with those costs ?
  3. What should be done if you do not agree ?

I assume it is to prevent people spamming destroyers in matches, though i am surprised that the cost is cumulative.


Also Im very very disappointed by their build cost. I love them but I cant get them. And that world drop (crystal for computing chips and other minerals) in ridiculous. They are look like ships for veterans at the moment. :frowning:

I recently spent 120 million on blueprints so i might be in trouble lol. 

240k is way to much. Even R15 doesn’t cost this.

And it’s only R8! Hopefully they reduce it to 1/10 of this value, else it’s a real burner.

Yeah at the moment destroyers seem to be a Pay to use thing where if you get it out you are going to pay for it


it used to be that if you wanted to fly a certain ship class only then you could but now with destroyers you had better be prepared to pay a lot of money to the devs to fly only destroyers

The cost is to prevent people from spamming them. If you don’t want to pay, equip wormhole and shield resistance. If your shields get low, swap to the regen core, and warp out to repair. It is genuinely very hard for ramdoms to kill destroyers without destroyer help. Just sit back at a distance and try to target anything that gets too close. Also, keep moving. Sitting in one place allows torps and slow powerful stuff to hit you.

not the good way to avoid spamming destroyers .


indeed destroyers get big hull and shield but don’t foget its a ship r8 with some weakness , a combo covers ops + ecm can easely down a destroyer


win a party à tiers 3 give us above 100-150k ( without premium )

the repair cost is 250k

who want playing a ship in a game that make losing each time 250k -1M credits each time


this mechanic , i don’t make any offense but its a pure feature Pay to win , paywall like as game WOT

playing this game since 2013 ( cbt ) , buy some dlc …and others stuff because it was the first f2p , spend money no give an advantage but i’m a bit afraid by the move of Devs with this kind of feature .


there’s many way to avoid spamming destroyers

  • set a couldown , i.e , each time we use a destroyer the player must wait 10-20 min for the next time

  • set a couldown , i’e players can use it max 5 times during 2 hours



a player can easely get credits with gs and bypass the huge amount cost of repair and spamming destroyer

a player rank 15 can run pve and get credits to bypass the repair cost

premium licence get more credits so we can get more and faster credits


in any case there’s something wrong

Please leave your feedback in the patch disussion.