Destroyer Quest Balance

Baring the first 2 days I missed - each day I will complete a quest for neodium to one day create a destroyer. Each day I can only complete this quest and not the quest for the rank 14 destroyer and one day when I complain I will be told I should have done the quests. Yet games with similar mechanics allow me to “trial” ships or mechs in generic fits that I cannot change, upgrade or advance until I actually own them.

Access to Trial Destroyers in 1-12 co-op modes only would allow a fair chance to complete these quests while also still allowing for reason to unlock these ships. Trial ships in 1-12 make sense - allow no synergy gain - allow us to try level 8 destroyers and maybe try premium ships before we buy or build them in this mode. I will leave the fun details to developers considering cycling of free ships or to what extent trialing should and will exist. I am not against paying iridium to trial ships for 24 hours.

Any oppinions on why does game shouldn’t work this way before its implemented?

Does anyone have a good reason why this should not be pursued?