Destroyer - Pyro Emitter module detection bug? (possible issues)

Bug report:


Pyro Emitter on destroyer is a module.

If you rotate or move your mouse to another position, the module turret will move as well, but with a hefty delay and quite slow moving speed.

However, playing on Defence Contract scenario in PvE, I encountered a possible issue.

I can’t confirm it for now, but maybe other players can provide some feedback.


I was aiming a Pyro emitter at multiple demoman targets and I got an immediate number on those targets. Number displayed means an amount of targets that will be affected by it.

Problem is that a module moves at a slower pace, before it can match your mouse’s movement and position of your current aiming.

So I fired it up, before it was well aligned, thus killing the targets, but Pyro Emitter was still not correctly placed at that position.

I missed those targets by quite a lot, but they were destroyed anyway. even when they should not had been even affected.


Screenshot: (none)


Logs: (none)


I will try to replicate this issue, but I need more players’ feedback on this.

hmm never noticed that… i know the beam seems smaller tho ^^ and core is still not affected(but that another topic)

maybe it was some kind of lag ?

I have this weird problem lately where my turrets will aim way off of a target that I am clearly aimed directly at, even normal weapon turrets. Seems to aim in the inverse direction of where they are actually going, or in some random direction. So far I’ve seen it affect destroyer drones, photon emitters, pyro emitters, and main weapons.