Destroyer parts (Neodium & Beryllium) drop rates

Rant:  Right now (at least for me) finding Neodium/Beryllium impure or plates is nearly impossible. Sure, after many hours you can _maybe _get 0-3 plates but what we (I) need is a reliable way to farm these rare resources and not just cross your fingers hoping the game will finally let you have what you want. Granted for people who already have top tier ships with maxed out everything find it quite _easy _to get these resources (especially in open space). But for people who are just getting out of the newcomer levels and onto the rank 8 destroyer(s) battles with pretty much everything stock and not as much skill as other veteran players. Will they not only see it extremely difficult (and time consuming) to get their own destroyer, but as a reason to not bother with the game anymore. 

Questions:  Whats the best way to get these 2 resources (fast). Loots after battles or high danger open space? Also what ships should be used rank wise? (same as destroyer rank?) And lastly does it matter if it has it synergy max out? (will that increase your chances?)

Finally notes:  I’m in the process of make my own destroyer and have everything I need to build it except neodium. I only have 8 plates as of now and need 24 more (32 needed total). I also find the workshop rate of 10 impure for 1 one plate messed up. Think about it. If I can barely get 3 impures a day. It’ll take 80 days at that rate (roughly 2.6 months) to make those 24 plates. That is just uncalled for grinding. Please make appropriate changes. 

24 x 10 = 240 impure required.

240 ÷ 3 = 80 days

80 ÷ 30 ≈ 2.6 months.