Destroyer minerals parts

Hello I would like to talk about neo berylium and the new reasorces minerals for Destroyers I do know its a old topic but still I would like to request and too hear your toughts on it
and I apologize for my bad english.


I am not talking about reversing the requiered minerals to the old status wich is a idea as well and a good one, I am talking about at LEAST making the drop rates from pvp pve AI bigger I played 32 games last day with my Destroyer rank 8 pve fire storm didint even got ship parts  not one of the games i manged to pull out neo and I am not going to talk about berylium I dont even try there the pve is way harder and I am sure i will get the same results.

I really like the game  but dispite what [CinnamonFake](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/257821-cinnamonfake/ “Go to CinnamonFake’s profile”)  says and dont get me wrong he is a nice guy I had an issue with my account and he gave me an advise on how to fix my problem but I DONT think you should play 1 year or maybe more for 1 destroyer , its true before the patch came out I farmed the parts for 2 Destroyers rank 8 for about 1 mouth  it was easy i am not gona say anything eals I was on to make it a bit harder too get the parts but now  now its impossible  going to farm a bit more if I dont get at least 5 impure neo from these 10 pves I wont even bother trying and lets not forget we need 10 impure now to build only 1 I wont play 1 year to get 1 destroyer.


TIME is phrases and its the only thing you cant buy or get back this is the last and only post I am going to post becouse like 1 great mind said 


"Insanity is doing something olver and olver again expecting difrent results " -Albert Einstein

I couldn’t agree more. I’m still at an absolute loss as to why it takes so long just to get ship parts for a destroyer. The only way I’m even able to get my destroyer this month is thru the “sending destroyers to war” missions. Without those, I wouldn’t even be considering getting a destroyer for a whole year.

>>The only way I’m even able to get my destroyer this month is thru the “sending destroyers to war” missions.<<

You mean the R14 one or? Because your mentioned method doesn’t give you mats for a r8/r11 one. Only the PvP mission.

There’re also several hints how to increase the chanses. You can fly with more maxed synergy ships (rank 8) in slots and there’ll be increased drops of neo. The same with berry on rank 11. Using the exact 8 rank ships to find neo is not necessary, you can use higher ranks, but maxed 8 ranks influence the chance of finding it. These materials also can be found in OS. And during our ongoing event in Broker tasks, that’s for rank 14 destro, but neo is here as a reward as well.

Thank you for the responses I will try the max rank ships trick I usualy only fly with 1 ship at a time depending on if I am planing to lv it up or farm so I dont get how do you say it to want to play the other ship

And since the Update I have found only 1 neo in OS xD and it was inpure I dont know maybe it would get easyer maybe not I am thankfull that the broker’s mission is back so I  can make the proces of building a destryoer faster but now begs the question wich one Rank 11 or Rank 14 xD becouse I am sure i would have the luck to be able to build only 1 for now maybe the second in 4 mouths xD