‘Destroyer’ memo

Urgent message.
‘Destroyer’ memo

From: Oliver Winkler.Federation Expeditionary Fleet Major
To: Corporation CEOs, UMC mercenaries.

Under previous agreements, the analytical department of Federation Fifth Fleet Main Intelligence Directorate brings to your attention the latest information on project ‘DSTR-0’, the so-called Destroyer.

Destroyer is a new Alien ship type. It has enormous firepower. Its main weapons are EM emitters, pulsars, high-power lasers and rocket launchers. In addition to the strengthened hull, it’s also protected by means of force fields (Level 3 according to our classification). Currently unknown devices mounted on the ship cause local changes in gravity. As reported by observers Destroyer also possesses the ability to open interdimensional passages (portals). The latter, combined with its firepower allows the Destroyer to appear beyond fleet lines and cause serious damage to infrastructure, supply lines, the civilian population.
Destroyer often acts alone, without support groups. We classify it as a heavy sabotage ship. Command assigned the highest priority level to this target. In case of contact the object is to be destroyed immediately.


We do not have information about the number of ships of this class in the Alien fleet. Because of high mobility of the Destroyer , they may have one ship or even ten. At the moment, not a single fact of a successful attack on the Destroyer has been recorded.
The first fire contact with the object was made by Imperial troops in Victrix sector. Our intelligence reports serious casualties among military and civilians on the planet Victrix-III. However, the details are unknown to us (thanks to the policy of the Empire not to disclose such information).
We’re detecting increased activity in the sectors of the Federation. There are also indications that the Destroyer was seen not far from the so-called ‘Monolith Ruins’. However, this data is now being checked for validity.

Main Intelligence Directorate of the Fifth Fleet Federation recommends mercenaries to exercise extreme caution in the event of an encounter with a Destroyer. The object represents significant threat until we have enough information and develop an effective method of fighting it.
Photo of the object is attached to this message.




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