Destroyer jericho module shuts down after it regenerates

If you destroy a jeri router on a destroyer, it shuts down as it’s normal. Also when hit with ECM mods.

The problem comes when they come back online / regenerate, as they do not activate themselves back. You have to consume energy, switching them, in order to make them work again. It happens every time they are shut down when destroyed and regenerated. I don’t know exactly what happens after they recover after being hit by ECMs.

This needs a fix.


PS: dunno if empire and fed routers have the same problem, i noticed it on jeri ones as the green healing numbers stop showing

I noticed this too but never really thought much of it. I guess that could be quite harmful for those people that don’t notice it’s off.

You will see Doomb0t jumping in with “No report- no bug”, so better create one :slight_smile:

It’s known issue. Press “F” for reactivate ‘Energy rerouter’