Destroyer Builds

I have been searching the forums for a guide to new players about some of the best builds available for the current Rank 8 and Rank 11 Destroyer: Suppressor Class ships. Feel free to post your build findings here for all to see and learn from.


I do not own all 6 current destroyers, the Archon is the only destroyer I currently have and I will share my build. All modules are purple.

Destroyer Archon,

1 Capacitor  - Leak Stabilizer 10

3 Shield  -  EM-diffuser 12 - Thermal Modulator 11 - Shield Projection Splitter 12

1 Hull  - Passive Armor 12

1 CPU  -  “Horizon” Module 10

Special Module

Jericho Energy Router

Level Bonuses

Level 2: Hull resistance to kinetic damage increased by 27pts

Level 4: Main Weapon damage increased by 10%

Level 8: Cooldown time of Support Class Modules decreases by 15%

Active Modules from 1-4 in order as such

Pyro Emitter 11

“Tempest” launcher 11

Wormhole Projector 11

Multiphase Shield 11

Main Weapon

Halo Launcher (in PVE “Supernova” Deflector 9) ( in PVP Supercooled Charges and or Booster Circuit 9)


Hull  84,700pts                                               Shield 62,600pts

Hull Regeneration 0pts/sec                            Shield Regeneration 280pts/sec

Kinetic Resistance 22pts (18%)                     Kinetic Resistance 60pts (37.5%)

EM Resistance 55pts (35.5%)                        EM Resistance 53pts (34.6%)

Thermal Resistance 25pts (25%)                   Thermal Resistance 90pts (47.4%)

Energy 6,664pts                                             Sensor Range 6.450m

Max. Energy Regeneration 222pts/sec          Target Lock Time 3s

Speed 114m/s                                                Afterburners 136m/s

Reverse Speed 43.3m/s                                Afterburner Energy Usage 250en/s

Strafe 10m/s                                                   Roll 26deg/sec

 Acceleration 6.6m/s                                       Pitch 15.6deg/sec

Cooldown time 3s                                           Max Object Number 2pics

Launch Energy Cost 400pts


I hope this information has helped someone is some way.

Take care Pilots, and Good Hunting.

Or better yet throw your destroyers to trash & play some fun ships that need some skill to stay alive 

1 hour ago, ZDemon said:

Or better yet throw your destroyers to trash & play some fun ships that need some skill to stay alive 


You could just post the screenshots of your build, makes it much easier to grasp. (at least for me).