Destroyed Ships Rating

There is a stat in your profile called Destroyed Ships Rating. At first glance it isn’t very self explanatory. This rating basically goes up or down depending on the rating of players you get the killing blow on, or who kills you. This is all well and good however it should be a reperesentation of Kill/Assist/Death ratio. The way it currently works is when you kill someone with a lower rating then you have, you get very few points, when you kill someone with similar rating or higher you get more points. It works exactly the same with losing points, if you die to someone that has a much lower rating then you have then you lose a LOT of points.


At this point in the game I have been hovering around 1350 rating, I can get 10 kills in a game and die only once and sometimes my rating goes down. This is competely unacceptable and makes the game far less enjoyable. Most recently I was up to 1380, I had 13 kills, 10 assists and 2 deaths, we won the match and I was the top contributor for total points. My rating not only went down but it went down 10 points! This may not seem like a lot but another match I get 12 kills and 1 death and I gain 3 points. The game also does not pair you with or against people that have a similar rating, which basically means if you care about this rating at all then you have to focus all of your time on not dying because a single death can be devistating. This makes it hard to help with objectives and ultimately can be a detrimate to your team.


Please fix this so those of us that care about our rating can play the game for fun again and not lose all of our rating because 1 time some lucky low rating player got the killing blow when we were getting attacked by half of the enemy team.

 Kill/Assist/Death ratio

that would not work work. then it should be kill,assist/death,death assist, and that would be too much i think.

DSR(destroyed ship rating) is pretty much what is ELO rating. you get more points by killing someone who have higher DSR, and get less by destroying someone with lower DSR, and other way around. Sometimes you can even kill 10 players, die only once, and still lose DSR, and for example if you got lucky and kill someone like Takamina, you would get a LOT.


but DSR is not something that you should think important of, it can fluctuate by 100 in few hours. Also its not something you should aim to increase. Win/lose ration on the other hand is something i suggest you to aim at.

Win/Loss ratio is dependant on your team as a whole, Destroyed Ships Rating should be a representation of your personal performance. Not a number based on who you happen to get the killing blow on or who gets the killing blow on you. I have yet to come across someone with a higher rating then I have at this point so the game is setting me up to fail in this category.

The problem with DSR being solely dependent on number of kills/deaths/assists is that it encourages farming. If I could gain as many points shooting down people at 1100 rating as I do at 1500, surely I would go for whichever option is easiest for me.

Also on the same point as above, you cannot gain more DSR from someone that you have already killed which helps Eliminates farming. Also if you think 1400 is a big number come to T3 you’ll find people with 1500-2000.

If you go play higher tiers it should help increase your DSR assuming you are decent; there seems to be some differential on DSR increases depending on the ships you fight against, not just the DSR of the players (if it was just based on other players’ DSR, there wouldn’t be much difference in DSR between tiers).


The changes you are suggesting are almost similar to a KDR. A similar suggestion was made in the suggestion-miscellaneous section (which is where I think this should be); you should take a read and see all the reasons NOT to change it, including the ones people already mentioned here. And even with your proposal, it would still discourage playing the objectives. Don’t focus on your DSR, like you said it can be misrepresented and abused by players not playing objectives and avoiding getting killed. Most decent players understand that someone’s DSR may not accurately portray their skills at one time as **** happens. It’s a team game, your win/loss represents relative contribution to the team. If you and your squad are good enough to push the average performance of your team over the other team and win, it will show.