Destroyed Ships Rating / Skill Rating

@EvilTactician (about new rating system suggestion)

As I understand it give points for doing objective, and that’s a pretty good thing. Unfortunately it have one major flaw - ratings have no longer average number, and they keep increasing indefently in global size. ELO rating means if someone get something, then someone lose something, but in your given rating system players get and lose points according to DSR system, and additionally get points for various objectives. This would results as that your rating today is good, but a weak later is not.

@Sunder - actually, the objectives are purely meant as a mechanism to prevent rating loss - not rating gain as that doesn’t make much sense in it’s current description.


You cannot physically increase rating without killing people of a decent skill level - so there still is an artificial ceiling which is hard to increase beyond. An 1800 rated player for example, drops quite a lot of points if someone with 1300 rating would kill them. Unless said 1800 rated player was actively playing and achieving objectives - their rating would still make a nosedive :slight_smile: The only way to increase rating at that level is consistently killing people, not die-ing often AND playing for objectives :slight_smile:


One could even implement a system where a check is made to see if the player contributed at all to anything or was just farming kills - and prevent a rating increase if the latter was the case. This way the rating would only come into play for people who have actually played for the team.

To put your idea to in a real case scenario, I tried to make an xls file to try it out.


I tried to make a formula for Combat recon.

lets say by killing captain you get + 5 points. ok fine, but who is going to lose that 5 points, if someone get them? currently did that enemy captain lose them for dieing. Lets say player assisted killing enemy captain, then he get +2 points? then again same thing lets say that enemy captain agin lose 2 points for every other person who did something to him before he died. currently as it stads what i present is totaly broken. dont take me wrong, i totally like your idea about arcade game player rating, but to make an actual formula that would work is a real pain.


probably should add:

*take some points away from players who did not participate in killing enemy captain, and distribute them among players who did that.

*the points that are given for succesfull kill/assist of enemy captain are evenly taken away from enemy team.

*black voodoo magic to make it actually work


Mostly agree with everything Evil’s saying in here.


The rating swings are just too drastic between matches.  If a 900-rated player gets the killing blow on me after his buddies did virtually all the work, I shouldn’t get punished (so hard) for it.  My rating shouldn’t drop by 100 points over the course of 3 matches if I decide to play T2 and happen to be placed in a poor team, where, in order to win the game, I repeatedly have to sacrifice myself to accomplish the objectives.


To hear people simultaneously saying “DSR means little” and “DSR works as a rudimentary method of judging pilot skill level (for corp recruitment)” suggests that the system is inherently flawed. 


Why have such a good scoring system in matches only to ignore it for out-of-match player rating? Generally speaking, the best pilots get the highest scores in matches, no? They’re the ones who go for the objectives and help their team the most, even if it’s through assists/buffs.


Personally - if there’s going to be a number on my profile, I want it to accurately reflect my playstyle and ability, and not leave it up to guesswork between if I’m a good/bad pilot or if I focus on objectives instead of kills.

@Sunder - Some advanced background mathematics is required to put in ‘ceilings’ and ‘floors’ in the formulae under specific circumstances :slight_smile:


This was more an initial outline, the details and fine-tuning would be quite important. 


I would like to see more advanced maths behind how valuable a kill and how terrible a death is - rather than just the rating of the opponent in question. I believe the tier ship, the quality of ship, etc. should be taken into account too. Killing a rank 7 ship is (theoretically) easier than killing a rank 9 ship flown by the same pilot - yet the DSR doesn’t care at the moment.


You can die from a nuke from a 600 rated player (ok probably your own fault) which gives you a HUGE penalty - but if you were flying a t2 (no access to nukes/shouldn’t encounter them), should this really be punished to the same extend as if you were flying a T4 against this T3 opponent? If you had a theoretical advantage, your drop should be bigger. if you had a theoretical disadvantage, your drop should be smaller.


I can literally write an essay on this topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Using the rank of the ship shouldn’t be too much of a factor.  The player might be limited by faction ranks to get the higher ranked ship of that type.  Jericho has two CO’s, R5 and R8.  In a one on one fight, how does the R8 CO compare to an R9 ECM?  Rating means little, because the algorithm’s flawed.  Some of that is probably just from the difficulty of measuring teamwork.  Of course, your rating also goes up for lucky kills.  Don’t tell me you never tried to gang up on a dieing ship and got the kill for yourself from one shot.


I think it should be weighted by your ship type.  I get more kills in CO than ECM, and I played ECM for weeks because it was premium.  It hurt my rating.  Gaijin should weight the rating by type.  Engineers getting kills and assists from combat drones are different than LRF’s getting kills and assists.  A gunfighter should get kills.  If everyone flew gunship on your team, you’d probably be lucky to win.


Then you can go even further to compare what kind of items they have starting from mk1 up to exprimental(and even that special tier higher than experimental). Talk is nice, and we could talk all day about about magical system that work better than any other. Unfortunately without real examples it do no good.


Then you can go even further to compare what kind of items they have starting from mk1 up to exprimental(and even that special tier higher than experimental). Talk is nice, and we could talk all day about about magical system that work better than any other. Unfortunately without real examples it do no good.


WoW does it with equipment ratings though…

WoW does it with equipment ratings though…

It really doesn’t. The “equipment rating” is just for e-peen. There is nothing more useless than some idiot on a city searching for people with 50-100 points higher than his own gear just so they can carry him around. Or worse, as I’ve immediately seen it being used, elitist pricks using it as a means to say “No, you’re 5 points below X. You’re worthless.” Yeah, that’ll get you somewhere in games.


I can literally write an essay on this topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Do it. You know you want to.

that’s it. boom. right there.


I still think the DSR is currently promoting poor team-play.