Dessies weapons

FINALLY SIBYL IS MINE ! Oh wait Halo is piece of sh*t… I opened one container and dropped part for photon so it’s not too late… I have question for you: CoilGun or Meson Cannon ? I want to play like semi sniper gunship (planned modules: 2 x blaster turrets, 1 x pyro 1x gravy setup 1/1/3/1/3)appvalley tutuapp tweakbox


First of all, please be careful swearing here.

Secondly, we can all agree that Halo Launcher is garbage, except for in Special Operations. I would personally recommend Meson for its outrageous damage potential, but if you like range and accuracy, go coilgun.

Thirdly, you can unfortunately only use one of any type of turret, so one (1) blaster turret.

Fourthly, gravity lens sucks for both the user and their team, so please reconsider.

Coilgun is probably your best bet. With good trigger discipline you can ignore the spread and overheat cycle completely and getting a rank 11-14 version isn’t awfully expensive if memory serves.
Like Fox said we can’t double up modules so the idea of double blaster is out the window and Gravitational lens is quite reputable for hurting your team as much as the enemy due to the pull also pulling allies.
For modules likely opt for a Photon emitter as all other Dessies use it, so long range engagements you won’t be at a disadvantage and you will likely want to opt for a wormhole projector to either go with your setup or to swap in and out as Destroyer mobility is so low moving from objective to objective can take a substantial amount of time.