By the looks of it, all of the suggestion worthy Special Operations missions should begin with the letter “D”… After all, we have had, “Destroyer” and “Defiler” which are both particularly challenging in their own rites. But for this, I would like to introduce the concept of “Desolator”, Mendez family’s worst enemy. This mission should be hosted in a particular space with lots of cover to provide the partial for the ability to be able to run as fast as possible, somewhere such as Orange Giant.


Desolator is equipped with multiple emitters, including big green balls of death and even lasers. Every 10% it goes down, it will charge a 5 second shield purge which depletes all shields by 100% and slows shield regeneration rate by 95% for 10 seconds - this happens either before or after it engages its shield.


At 70%, Desolator will begin spawning large EM charges which cause a global wave of EM damage every 1 minute. These must be disabled via capture, where you mist be within 800 metres of the object. Straight after one is disabled, another one appears - three minutes between each spawn.


At 50%, Desolator will create a magnetic resonance field where everything gets pulled in forcefully for 5 seconds and then fire everything outwards with severe velocity. This occurs every two minutes.


At 30%, Desolator will charge its main caliber and begin firing at whatever cover is available. The calibre charge will affect everything from its centre to everything within a 1,800m radius and deal severe damage.


At 10%, Desolator will regenerate its armoury and attempt to jump. After 20 minutes, Desolator will engage a particle purge dealing 600,000 universal damage, destroying everything.


This will give players a more necessary reason to use more risky ships in Special Operations that will have to be fast enough to make a retreat, but be challenging enough to know that the second you get hit, you die.


Like both Destroyer and Defiler, you can cause damage to it by destroying its emitters or by simply shooting it. Unlike Destroyer, there are no shells or cores to destroy; however, its hull can shift its resistances to however much it is needed to change by in order to keep itself alive, meaning that depending on the type of damage it is experiencing, it is very adaptable, ergo, making it much, much more difficult to use just normal railguns or lasers or EM setups, but as wide a variety of damage as possible. This does not apply to the shield.



I’d be up for it, especially for new PvE missions.