description window is too little

description window is too little, I have no idea what some of the stuff does:


yea its cause of the resolution … if u get higher resolution the text on some skills atm u cant see completely becomes available … i used 1280x768 last night when i got invited cause i was very tired and to counter that and could not see some skills descriptions fully … changed back to 1680x1050 today and there is at least 1 that i cant see fully “stabilized railgun” a good fix would be to add scrolling to descriptions that would make it so we can see the descrtiption on any res we use … and the skills and almost everything else needs more info on what they do but i’m sure they’ll work on descriptions more later

I run the game at 1920x1200 resolution and still can’t read some of the descriptions.

Yep, its annoying


It is not a bug or something like it! It is just some mistery being added to the game.

Who would not like to learn and try a skill that says:

“Enables the use of EMP missiles, that makes the target…”

It is a little grafic but which should be fixed in some time;)

Agreed needs to be fixed as this is like this on a lot of the stuff you are looknig at and can not read the full description of that item.