Derp's Chip Lab of Stupidity

I figured I might as well start up a little topic of documentation of some of the weird builds/messes/failures/abominations of nature that I’ve come up with.


  • Crossmap Guided Thermosphere
  • Plasmatron minigun (with macro or scrollwheel bind)
  • Literally anything viable for Halo launcher
  • Max fire rate G’thar’du
  • Max range Thar’ok beamer
  • Max range Geyser (potentially… could be difficult to control with 300 ping)
  • Spec Ops carry Destroyer



Builds under construction

  • PewPewChooChoo
  • Spec Ops carry Project
  • High PvE level viable Tyrant



Build #1 - The PewPewChooChoo

The whole premise of this setup is to take the worst part of the recoil compensated cannon and make it even worse. In other words, the backwards push - but on steroids.

Ideal/hunted chips:

  • Fire Rate
  • Weapon Heating
  • Spread
  • Range

This build was never intended for DPS because of course, you will never be facing forwards. This setup is aimed at achieving the highest speed possible… in reverse with the UI currently not showing anything remotely readable while under use.


Current Progress :


Chips as of demo:


Potential :
Ideally this build could also be used to just… flak Free hunter from the top of the map as due to Recoil Compensated Cannon’s stupid high range but the current chips simply do so little damage that even killing a brawler is a challenge. Most likely within the next two days at least 3 chips will have changed.



Further builds/progress I’ll likely split up because lmao this post looks a little long.

The date is the 18th of July; a new Destroyer has surfaced within the game files. I’ve heard it might be maximum rank. I await it’s arrival.




Build: Max range Thar’ok beamer

Status: Failed

The bubbles from the Thar’ok seemingly either don’t have a maximum range but rather a projectile lifespan or simply have such a small range that even the highest range of chip builds couldn’t make it somewhat noteworthy. Maximum range achieved was ~3000m. Which isn’t a lot.


Build: Literally anything viable for Halo launcher

Status: No


Even for spec ops a high damage Halo launcher isn’t even remotely worth the effort you have to invest into optimising damage output which even then it will only see use in the Defiler and nowhere else. Scrapped this one because it’s just… ew.


Build: Plasmatron minigun

Status: Failed


The success of this one hinged on one thing - how a mousewheel binding for the fire button would interact with Plasmatron. As it turned out; it doesn’t interact with Plasmatron. In fact it just broke altogether as the intial idea was to stack as much fire rate as possible on a Plasmatron → bind fire to mousewheel → watch the pretty lights. I was kinda excited for this one but it’s a pity it didn’t pan out.


Build: Shield tank chip set
Status: In progress

The idea for this one was in fact in preparation for the new Destroyer - as despite it being listed as an “Empire” I wanted to prepare a chip setup that could allow for shield tanking to be possible in high level PvE - even for an Empire Destroyer.

Currently after testing in Open Space on Boremys the chips on their own offer roughly 65-70% damage reduction which although is a good start - the idea is to attempt to mimic a  shield seal from Karud… but permanent. This means that in order to mimic the effect the bonus resistance needs to increasr to  675 points  or at the very least, come close to 600.

Checking the base resistances from a  Ze’ta  to see what kind of baseline I will be working with - the lowest possible on a  two shield slot  resistance setup will be 62 points of resistance. This coupled with the Multiphase shield  will give me a lowest base resistance of  103pts  or just over 50% damage reduction to all damage types.


Baseline resistance theory crafting references








NOW , with the base resistances out of the way - let’s move on to the chips currently picked. With currently selected chips the setup will have a bonus  177 points  of resistance for the first  21%  of the shield capacity, giving the intial resistance value a bump from a low of  103 points  to  280 points.  This 280 points coupled with the suffixes of the chip will also change the lowest base resistance from  EM damage to Kinetic damage  as a bonus 25 points of resistance are added to EM damage, whilst a further 22 points are added to all resistances pushing the lowest resistance of  Kinetic damage to 307 points of resistance. After the yellow chip effect is added, a balance chip is then applied which then boosts all damage resistances by a further  92 points  which will bump the resistance value of the first 21% of the shield to a relatively stupid  399 points of resistance


For a maximum reference of shield resistance, in active mode - multiphase shield increases resistances from 41 points to 145 points, a gain of 104 points (yay maths), giving a temporary resistance value of  503  points. It’s close to Shield Seals 675 points of resistance, but not quite there yet.


Seed chips currently collected and referenced to:





Of course however, this is only with two chips added into the mix. There should be still  3 more chip slots to be filled  which could either hold further resistance bonuses or damage alternatives - but this is what we have so far.

Well, it’s that time again where I’ve dropped several hundred million credits into shifting around chips - upgrading random chips and questioning my choices; so here’s some progress and stupid builds.


Build: Shield tank chip set AKA Permanent Shield Seal

Status: Way overtuned


In the prior post both chips referenced were both mark four, not mark five and since then several other chips have been thrown into the mix to really solidifying this setup as a pure defensive.

The prior goal of this chip setup was to mimic the effect of Shield Seal, Karud’s unique module which grants  675 points of resistance on activation  - although the setup didn’t perfectly mimic or surpass it - I am quite happy with the defensive capability of the setup currently since it has added healing and protection due to some chip additions since the original post.


Current Chips in the Setup








Now to run down just what is going on with this set now.
The current resistance benefit of this chip set is being applied to a  Boremys  for both the purpose of temporary use till a more fitting ship is released and for demonstration on a Rank 17 with 3 shield slots as my Custodian is being occupied by another build with my Boremys holding a shield resistance base of:
Kinetic:   116  points
EM:          31.5 points

Thermal: 100  points

With the Phase Shield primarily being directed to EM to mimic the increased base resistances a Destroyer would have when properly setup and equipped with a Multiphase Shield  as per the above post as this chip set is still destined to eventually be fitted to a  Rank 17 Destroyer.  After the buffs are applied, Boremys will have a base resistance value of:
Kinetic:  494 points
EM:         556 points
Thermal:533 points

With these values being applied whilst the _ Top chip of Promotion 16 _ is active whilst shield capacity is over 78% with the purpose of the  pulsar chip  and  homing heal  chip being to nullify the negative regeneration stats appended to the primary damage resistance chips as the damage threshold for pulsar chips is calculated before resistances - so if you were to per say take 5000 damage before resistances, but only - for examples purpose - 185 after resistances; the pulsar chip will look at the 5000 damage intake and not the 185 when checking if the damage threshold has been met.


Shield values when at minimal shield capacity - also known as when the  Storing chip of Fortification 16  kicks in are abit different as this set of shield capacity will likely be diminished before the chip’s effect has time to ramp up as the damage intake is likely already high enough to push through the initial set of damage resistances. These values will likely be mitigating damage overflow or protection during regeneration:
Kinetic:   472    points
EM:          534.5 points
Thermal: 511    points

Although these resistances may look not that much lower than the Top chip’s resistance set, it will take the game  5 seconds  to completely ramp up the seed chip effect as the resistance bonus chips active on seperate intensities with each intensity being added for every second the threshold is met. So per say if you had a chip that activated over 80%, for every second you remained over 80% the chip would ramp up the effect until it hit the maximum intensity of " 5" which would give you the full resistance benefit described on the chip with the moment you drop under the threshold the intensity would linger for 10 seconds before diminishing by 1 intensity every second.

With that in mind, the moment my shields drop to meet the threshold of the Storing chip, it would take 5 seconds for the full chip effect to kick in which during that time I will be taking significantly increased damage which may potentially be enough to drop shields completely.


The woes of homing bonuses

One thing I have observed after messing around with dual homing bonus chips after the release of Raven is there are some very strict limitations to what bonuses  can spawn  and  will spawn.

For instance; if you have both a  damage homing bonus  and a  healing homing bonus  the game will check:
The activation range
The chip rank
The upgrade rank

Before it spawns the relevant bonus. The catch being however -  YOU CANNOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE BONUS TYPE SPAWNED AT A TIME. This also applies to  other players using homing bonus chips  and if you are both within activation range of your chips the game will check the aforementioned criteria and only spawn  one bonus type, for one of you. If you have a matching bonus type but a lower rank chip or upgrade rank the game will not spawn your bonus for you - regardless of if you got the kill, were in range, or closer to the kill.


Now for the second build in progres - which has taken the slots of my  Custodian

Build:  Maximum Shield Capacity AKA The Mini Prolapse God

Status: Heretical


This build as per the name had one goal - push the absolute limits of a Guard frigate’s shield capacity and to surpass the shield tanking capabilities of a Destroyer with only the Custodian. My initial motive was to of course, create my own Prolapse God - also referred to within the game lore as; the ‘Wood Louse’, as the developers seem to have no intention to allow players to pilot the ship despite popular demand and the ncessity of a _ Rank 17 Destroyer release for each faction  - as thanks to Seed chips the  Rank 14 Destroyers _ are severely limited in their potential in PvE; almost removing all usage for them thanks to their PvP nerfs absolutely gutting them in PvP as well.


So how did it go?
Too well.


For reference, these are the base stats of both my Custodian and Tyrant before Seed chips to show just how ridiculous this project got:
zrk2x0v.jpg MtANEJb.jpg


But this is what my Custodian turns into upon undocking into Open Space (not even PvE modifiers yet):






The chip set went above and beyond my goal of surpassing the shield tanking capability of a Destroyer and effectively mimicked the faction benefit of  an Empire Destroyer… but for my shields.

With the overview out of the way - let’s run through the chips and the absolute maximum this current set can achieve capacity-wise.


Current chips in the setup:










This chip set was extremely tedious to get together thanks to how it had to be farmed as the only reliable way to acquire a  balanced chip  (blue background) is to farm in Open Space and to furthermore get an absolute maximum rank version you must be using a Rank 17 shipas Open Space respects ship rank when determining what chips drop, meaning that several projects had to be completed before this one could even begin with my _Destroyer hunter Scylla, Permanent Shield Seal Boremys _and Complete Insanity Dyrnwyn being completed and fully upgraded before this chip set was even remotely near completion - with as per the chip set shown, one of them still being non-ideal but rather a semi-temporary choice until another Mk5 shield capacity chip drops for me.

So let’s run down just what is going on - first of all; the primary negative being hunted was negative hull on purpose  - as withnegative resistance and negative regeneration both impacting the setup significantly within PvE due to how regeneration scales with defence levels although thankfully one of my two Rank 17 chips held a Mk5 shield regeneration on it - allowing for the negative regeneration stat of one of the balanced chips to be nullified almost completely. However with the currently acquired chips I have had to sacrifice some usability by picking the Protective Barrier 1.0 over Phase Shield and furthermore by making sure one shield slot is nullifying the negative base EM resistance that typically is standard for Guards. After all modifiers, the current resistance of the  Mini Pgod  is:
Kinetic:   92.3   points
EM: ****           131.3 points

Thermal: 62.3   points

This could potentially be incorrect depending on where in damage calculation positive and negative seed chip effects sit - but these are the currently predicted values with Protective Barrier 1.0’s 65 point bonus.


In PvE the shield capacity skyrockets from 192,192 to 1,274,433 points with a Defence Level of 65.



But what if we forgot about resistances for now?

If I were to foresake resistances in the pursuit of the absolute maximum capacity possible on this setup by swappinmg [Implant 3C to Implant 3B] and removing the EM resistance from my shield slots in favour of a  third shield splitter  (as despite diminishing returns, a third shield splitter still adds more to total capacity than an Auxilary Shield Projector) the setup can be raised to a maximum of…


_ A disappointing 207,614 shield capacity in Open Space - a gain of only 15,422 in exchange for 30 resistance points. _




and an equally disappointing value of 1,376,697 in PvE with 65 Defence - a gain of only 102,264 points.


I’m just going to make this addition to the thread less as a personal build note but rather for general knowledge and future reference:

Ranks of Interest

Seed chip prefix of Gale, Whirlwind Squall and Typhoon appear frequently throughout these ranks when farming up chips with all prefixes having medium to high damage as well as other high roll core stats such as crit, fire rate or modifiers such as Destroyer Damage or Alien Damage.

Happy is also frequently dropping from rank 11 with over 20% crit rolls with Typhoon also appearing as a Suffix for Rank 17 balanced chips (blue chips).


Open Space respects ship rank whilst farming so to make mid rank chip setups using a Rank 12, 15 or 17 is for some unknown reason just… better for farming chips as these prefixes exist somewhat commonly within the drops for those rank ranges. 

Could just be luck - but an observation is just an observation.