Defiler win and no reward

As the title says I was in on a defiler win.
There is no chest and no plans and no crystals.
I have closed and re-opened the game several times.
The battle was just after 5pm us pacific. so that’d be just after 12am server.
Would the client logs contain this info?

As for reproducing the error, I’m not sure I can.
The quest is gone. I am guessing that means it can’t be reproduced by me.

I’d like the reward.


Check the Bug report section on how to make correct bug reports and provide logs of the following day or time.

Without logs, nothing can be done.

If you are referring to the Broker’s mission for the new destroyer weapon, it failed to go out properly, so they just gave everyone a way to get the rewards.  You should have gotten them in a message, although there may have been a time limitation on it…

Read this please


and make correct bugreporn