Defence Contract/Fire Support PvE - Turtles have wrong icon model assigned to them

Bug report:



Defence Contract and Fire Support PvE scenario have a wrong model icon assigned to killer status for Turtles.



Instead of showing the correct model of Crusader Guard ship (rank 8 Jericho), it’s shows Cerberus LRF (rank 8 Empire).


How to replicate this bug:

1.) Play Defence Contract and Fire Support PvE scenario.

2.) Make sure that the last killing blow is coming from Turtles.

3.) Observe the icon of the killer, which is incorrect, like described above.


Logs: (includes results from both such matches)

[2017.01.12](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=12988)


Screenshot: (taken from both scenarios)

Fire Support PvE:


Defence Contract PvE:


Funny is that they are were Sais in the start. Weapon and maneuverability matches, model not.