Deep Sea Crystallon interception

Battle of the Depths Crystallon Hunters



After locating one of the Primary Targets, the Deep Sea Crystallon, the land forces must use their 3 warships to destroy it and clear the route to the abandoned drifting station (Ark IX).


Human Forces

-Frain: A ship project built by the empire. The first swimming military ship that was built after more than 20 years. This Destroyer has 4 turrets (with 2 guns on each). There are homing rockets for destroying aerial targets and homing torpedoes that can even go deeper to damage the sea crystallids.


-Max Fort: A spaceship carrier built by the Federation. Originally it was a spaceship, but later they modified it to a swimming carrier so they can use it during Operation Earth. The ship carrier Peregrines and Jaguars equipped with explosive weapons and bombs.


-Risao XVII: A 2000m long warship built by the Jericho. The 17th Risao Class warship is equipped with 4 Chain Railguns which are capable of using Resonating Crimson Shells (Resonating Crimson Ammo deals 200% more damage to aliens). It has 3 missile launcher platforms which can shoot a total of 12 powerful missiles (against heavily armored aerial or ground targets).


Crystallid Forces

-Deep Sea Crystallon: A colossal Cone-shaped Crystallid whose mouth is the half of its body (and opening to 3 parts), its teeth are large, extremely durable pitch-black crystals, and its body ends in 3 long, tentacle-like tails with crystal spikes on them. Deep Sea Crystallon lives on the floor of the Southern Ocean, and wanders around Antarctica.


-Sea Crystallid: An underwater crystallid type which can quickly swim and shoot lasers from its mouth. It looks like a squid, but its tentacles can squirt living-iridium acid. Their core is inside their body, so they can only be destroyed by shooting it until it explodes.


Bomber Hybrids: Those hybrids look like fat Hybrids and they can vomit glowing green spheres that can explode and deal serious damage to ground targets. Hybrid Bombers are slow, but very durable. They can also shoot lasers from their mouth, just like ordinary Hybrids, but due to their slow speed they rarely use melee attacks.


The Tracking

The 3 warships began following the creature. They were following it for 7 hours, when near the Laurie Island the Crystallid disappeared, and 3 minutes later it attacked the Frain. The Battle with the monster began. During the continuous aerial attacks, 70% of Max Fort’s spaceships were destroyed and the carrier was heavily damaged. Sea Crystallids slowly consumed all ammunition of Frain, and Risao’s secondary batteries. The Battle seemed to be lost, but the warships couldn’t retreat: The aliens trapped them between the islands and an unknown object was blocking the signal. The warships remained on their own.


The Anomaly

Around 5 pm the Max Fort reported the disappearance of Frain to the Risao XVII. Frain disappeared from radars and nobody could see it, however, the connection with its crew remained stable. They reported that they’re in a green fog, but there wasn’t any fog near the islands. Something is hiding near those islands, and it’s causing abnormal anomalies. The Laurie and Coronation islands were reported as possible Primary Target locations due to their strange aura. The Max Fort couldn’t escape, but the Deep Sea Crystallon wasn’t able to attack it because of the surface near the beaches.


The Draw

Around 7 pm the Max Fort half sank because the Hybrid Bombers destroyed its engines. The Risao XVII was a colossal warship, but still it was able to dodge most of the attacks and quickly scare away the bombers. The Deep Sea Crystallon now began to attack the Risao, and at a critical moment it tried to attack it from broadside: The Risao fired its railguns, and both the Crystallon and Risao XVII were damaged. The Crystallon sank, but it possibly survived… The warships must retreat to the base for repairs, and then head to the Station “Ark IX” to get ammunition.



The Frain disappeared, the connection with its crew lost after the disappearance of Deep Sea Crystallon, the Max Fort was heavily damaged and can’t be repaired with the current resources. The Risao XVII remained on its own. The Coronation Island is now marked as a yellow (medium) danger level area and research groups are going to be sended here to search for the possible Primary Targets “Everfrozen Device” or “Chainsland”.