Declassified: The Fall of Dynamis

System Date: 11.2.54130


This will be my fifth attempt to put this story into written words. I cannot express how difficult it is to find the right turn of phrase, or how delicate the word choices must be made. This is a warning to those with great ambitions; may you not suffer the same fate.


There are some that have mused at the collapse of our corporation with idle fantasy; believing we fell to infighting or that we lost the support of the Federation after failing to secure Precursor sites.

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These stories conjecture that the disgraced corporation dissolved and re-formed as the pirate syndicate The Privateers.


While several of us did turn to a life of crime, The Privateers were simply a convenient and welcoming organization that were starving for manpower and didn’t ask questions. They provided a source of income, anonymity, and protection. ‘Protection from whom?’ you might ask.


At the peak of our power, Dynamis and her sister corporation Dyanmo were the primary military contractor for the Federation. Our numbers swelled as eager pilots lined up to join our ranks. Our victories gave us momentum to march on the very doorsteps of the Empire and Jericho. But all was not well.


Right before the disappearances began, rumor started spreading that the Federation had withdrawn their support. Supplies become scarce; weapons and ammunition did not flow as freely into our hands. Slowly, Dynamis began to lose steam. Victories became losses, and slowly entire sectors were lost to the advancing enemy forces. But why? Why would the Federation withdraw support from one of its most valuable military resources on the brink of a total victory?


It was no secret the Federation’s own military forces were stagnant and frail, weakened by constant war and relying too heavily on mercenary units to do the heavy lifting. Most of the main forces had been withdrawn from the front lines ages ago to fortify New Eden. Almost all of the machinery and weapons that the Federation factories produced were given to mercenary units operating on the front lines. And that was their most grave mistake.


Only the most senior officers knew what was in store. Upon securing total victory for the Federation, Dynamis would turn the Federation’s own ships against her in a massive coup. The ruling bodies would be overturned and replaced with a Military Dictatorship that none would be left to challenge.


It was through the work of the spy, Intricate, that the Federation Leaders learned of this plot. Shortly after, they withdrew support from Dynamis and delayed our plans by allowing the Empire and Jericho to regain ground. Then they began eliminating key members within the corporation. Communications Officer Luav was the first to disappear, leaving our internal communications in shambles. Then senior officers began to turn up MIA. The death blow occurred when Faero himself disappeared, leaving the two corporations leaderless.


Those of us who knew what our CEO was planning read the signs and fled to the farthest corners of space. There could be no doubt that the Federation had learned of our intentions and was cleaning house.


I found sanctuary among the ranks of The Privateers for a time, while others who were lucky enough to be ignorant of our CEOs ambitions re-enlisted in smaller corporations or became independent contractors. Others have yet to resurface from their exodus, preferring to stay in hiding on the Frontier. No one knows if Faero yet lives in some Federation interrogation cell, or if he was executed for treason long ago.


Let this be a warning to you; those who seek power will be undone by it. Just because the hand that feeds you is frail and aging, does not mean it cannot strangle you.

Ahh good old Dynamis…the corp that dethroned Uhmari and EVO on the leaderboards.   I fondly remember those days.   It was my first corporation and I learned a lot about the game playing with them.   Once I was ready to move up to T3 though I had to move on.

Faero is back. Just an FYI.

Why did it take me so long to find this?


I’m always welcoming more sides to the story. For better or worse, it seems Dynamis is ripe for speculation and head canon. Your version has potential for some exciting fiction to go along with it. Maybe we’ll see that sometime?  :012j: