December PvP

A new type of PvP that would be fun to have. I called it ‘december’ because I think it would be fun to play it during the snowy month, but it could very well be kept throughout the year, if you like it.


Game mode: Regular, team PvP, capture the beacon, any mode in fact. 


At the start of the battle, players would have 30 seconds to form the team. This means:


a) 10 seconds to choose a captain. You do this by clicking a small rectangle, to confirm your choice. You can select any member of the team, including yourself. After 10 seconds, if there are 2 or more players with the same number of selections, the computer chooses one of them randomly.

b) once chosen, the captain has 20 seconds to select 2 lieutenants. If he fails to do this during this time (for any reason, high ping included) the 2 lts. will be chosen randomly. If the captain chooses them very fast, the match can begin, no need to wait for the whole 30 seconds timer.




  1. The Captain would have 100% damage bonus for the whole match. For everything: main gun, missiles, active modules.

2: the 2 lieutenants would have 100% range bonus for the main weapons only. 

  1. If the Captain is killed, the enemies win the match.

  2. There is no re-spawning. 

  3. The captain and his 2 lts. would be clearly marked/coloured so that everyone can see them, maybe with bold or hard colours. 

  4. The bonus of the 2 lieutenants would apply only if they stay in range of the Captain. Range would mean max. 3.000 m. If they leave that range, the bonus is gone. If they get back in range, the bonus re-activates.


This largely describes the idea, what do you think?