Deal of the Day: 50% off Karud ship components


Pilots!  It’s time to improve your fleet strength! Jericho liaison at UMC reports that another transport convoy has arrived in fringe sectors.

Lucas Horn from the station ‘New Eden’ reports that his friends from the free cruiser ‘Scotland’ are offering discounts on Karud ship equipment! Items can be purchased directly from the ship tree or from the ‘Bundles’ section in store.
Affiliation : Jericho 
Class : Interceptor
Role : ECM
Rank : 15

Long-term testing of the ship ‘Karud’ secured its fame as the most mobile and effective ECM interceptor. For this reason, the leading designer of Saladin family chose a prototype for a new experiment. 

Special module: ‘Weapon system sabotage’
Karud will receive an extension of special module functionality. Now pilots can assemble an alternative special module for the ship. Special module will need to be assembled from components obtained by completing tasks in the game. Also, you can buy items in special container-bundles When the module is active, it becomes dangerous for the ship’s target to use main weapons. If the target tries to shoot, it receives significant thermal damage.

Overclocked Blaster
A new exclusive weapon. Using the ship’s reactor directly for generation and acceleration of plasma beams gives amazing results. 

Type: Electromagnetic weapon
Only fits ‘Karud’ 
Each shot consumes energy 

‘Thermoreactive Shield’ module 
Shield modifier
Increases shield resistance to thermal damage 
If the ship loses its shield, all enemies in a certain radius can not lock targets 

Shield Seal 
Active module 
Increases the player’s shield resistance to all types of damage 

Special offer is valid for a limited time and ends at 03-00 UTC on April 27th!


Star Conflict Team