Deal of the Day! 50% off Archelon ship components



Pilots!  It’s time to improve your fleet strength! The Federation liaison at UMC reports that a new transport convoy has arrived in fringe sectors from inner worlds. It seems that the blockade has been broken. We are expecting even more trade caravans in the fringe sectors soon!


Only today, December 25, we offer a 50% discount on Archelon components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.


The idea of creating a guard frigate had been on the minds of Federation engineers for a long time. The best specialists spent days in laboratories and test sites around the clock to find a solution. During research by General Reactors corporation the engineers managed to develop a unique power distribution system for the ship’s shields. However, a new concept called for a fundamentally different design and characteristics of the ship. All the little pieces of the project finally came together when the leading designer of Dry Lab corporation joined the team.


The special offer is valid for a limited time, and on December 26 there’ll be new deals!



Star Conflict Team