Dead world.Time of hope


Approximately a hundred years ago
System SY3176-GIII-A4
Gas giant orbit
‘Dead World’ planetoid


She stood by the huge panoramic window in the dreadnought cabin looking at the gas giant slowly rising above the planetoid. Its ascent can be observed every 42 minutes. And this incredible spectacle can never bore.


The Jericho dreadnought was completely new. Some seats in the cabin still had their protective plastic covers. And the unique smell of a new ship - a mix of plastics, metal and cleaning products. The dreadnought appeared in the orbit of the planetoid yesterday. A small silent team that drove the monster, immediately moved to a transport ship and left with a hyper jump.
Immediately upon the arrival of the ship, an urgent evacuation was announced at the base. And in the morning all the employees of the base ‘Hate’ were forwarded by shuttles to the giant, absolutely black space leviathan, armed and very, very dangerous.

And now he, Captain Chris Kelvin, settling in a comfortable captain’s chair looks at her - the one who owns everything around. The base below. The dreadnought. His life.

  • And where is Lieutenant Hari?


She turned towards him. Her voice is inhumanly gentle, yet low, sensual. Her figure is gorgeous. There, below, they left thousands of her bodies. Naked, beautiful and

deadly. The almost black eyes are bottomless. It seems that the Cosmos itself is looking at you and demanding an answer.

  • He stayed below to turn on the security system.
  • Can’t it be activated from orbit?
  •  What can be activated from orbit, can be turned off from orbit.Lieutenant voluntarily made this decision.
    She turned back to the window.
  •  I will not forget his deed.
    It’s true. She never forgets anything.
  • Have you heard about the ‘Fringe sectors’?
    She turned again. He nodded slightly.
  • We think that the very key that we have been looking for for so long is there.We need to go to these sectors and find it first .
  •  Yes, Miss Hate.
    Her black eyes literally drained his life. But he knew how to sustain her mental blow longer than anyone else. She looked away a fraction of a second before he could no longer stand it.
  •  The time of hate has passed.The time of hope is coming. Winter in our hearts is coming to an end. From now on, call me Summer. Miss Summer.


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yay some hype! (^-^)/

oh no… not again grinding for pirates in open space… “miss summer agents”. Ahhh couldn’t you bring up anything more… interesting? 

If you do bring this up, please, make an assignment window also visible in ‘Open Space’ directly and not only in hangar through the contracts.

This is important!

And ffs don’t limit it to preemy or elly players. Let the general public partake like the Nyx Secret Ship Seeker missions.


When there is a whole ship at stake, and not just parts for one, I am on point every fecking day. Online grinding my heart out because it’s actually worth it.

mmmmm idk that they still used plastic for their seat coverings 2000 years later from our time

8 hours ago, InfernalSam said:

mmmmm idk that they still used plastic for their seat coverings 2000 years later from our time

i dont think they would stop using plastic in stuffs tho do you?

i mean by now, inventing new fictional solid materials in scifi is not common anymore anyway, the period table isn’t such a mystery like back in the 60s



the repetition of immediately immediately caught my eye. 

What, so what’s this about Nyx secret ship stuffs?

Nyx isnt secret at all, but is was given by miss Summer as reward in jul-aug mission, I has it, very tanky fast ship

its one of the least played ships too

Well, it is a r9 inty.  I’d probably fly it given it, although I usually fly around in the premium Palom with fully mark 4’d gear so I don’t bother with higher-level content much (and don’t pvp in general).