Dead Man's Chest or Elite pilot bundle?

Currently leaning towards the Elite bundle, as it contains 10k more standards and an extra ship. It’s missing premium time admittedly, but I could always use the extra standards to buy that?

Yes you can.

I would actually go for the Elite Pilot DLC.

Those 10k GS are more than 3 month Licence (without sale)

I just checked and… yeah. I mean, unless the pirate ships are mega good, it seems like a worse deal in terms of value. Elite has one more ship and a bucket load more GS to spend, even after buying a month anyway.

elite most definitely. if played correctly, bear is freaking op. 

Personally I like Dead Man’s Chest, but that’s because I do better in frigates compared to fighters.

Elite Pilot pack !


And you can use the GS to buy License and more premium ships :smiley:

I got the Elite Pilot Pack ages ago during a sale. Waited for a ship sale and bought some nice t5 premiums.