this is a crazy game where all want to kill each other ^^

mb some1 was playing in it too?


The video doesn’t seem to want to be played here. >.,.<


How large are the worlds?

looks nice.

Bahaha, those cattle.



How large are the worlds?

While I was going from one city to another, need more than 2 hours. You have to be careful and look every inch, because you may become a victim of the sniper ^_^my axe during this transition, was able to welcome more than 10 players ^^

even if you have ammo and weapons, it is better not to use them because you will attract the attention not only of zombies, but players:D

Try the original mod the standalone is just terrible atm. Like Dayz Epoch, Origins or Arma3 Breakingpoint.

I played a lot of dayz around 1.5 years ago. Not so much anymore



cool story bro

I like the hunting :slight_smile:

step 1-Find Player!


step 2 - get to the place


step 3- punished for lack of vigilance



retry :slight_smile:





free m4a1 :slight_smile:


I am too much of a trusting person to play that game. XD

killing bambies in dayz is easy.

surviving many encounters with pure mic skills, or complete clan fights for weeks over territory, etc. is way more the endgame content; and i fear, standalone is just missing cars and hueys to make all that magic happen.

i get bored too fast atm. from the standalone.

breaking point might be something for old vets, but lets just hope, the standalone will get there one day.